Nursing Courses FAQ

Can I use a combination of Excelsior’s online nursing theory courses and nursing theory examinations to complete my degree requirements?

You may choose either courses or examinations or a combination of the two to fulfill degree requirements. However, only courses currently qualify for Federal financial aid as described below. Courses and examinations have the same titles and cover the exact same content. Although you have the option to take either a course or exam of the same title to fulfill a requirement, there is a limit to the number of times you may attempt any given course or exam. You should speak with your academic advisor to help you decide which path for meeting degree requirements is best for you.

Is there a difference between Excelsior’s online nursing theory courses and its nursing theory examinations?

Our courses and examinations cover the exact same content and have the same expected student outcomes. The difference is in how students learn the material. The exam or assessment-based path allows students to study at their own pace and, when ready, take an examination to demonstrate mastery of the subject matter.

Courses have a defined start and end date within an eight-week period during which time students are required to complete assignments and interact with other students and the faculty. They are similar to a campus-based course in this regard. However, since they are offered in an asynchronous format – you don’t need to attend class at any given time – students have some flexibility as to when they login and participate in learning activities.

What do I need to do to become eligible for Federal financial aid?

The first step is to speak with your Excelsior College academic advisor to determine if you are academically eligible to take our nursing courses. If eligible, you should then complete a FAFSA form (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) as soon as possible.