Practice Exams FAQ

After I register, where do I go to take the exams?

You can access your practice exam by going to your MyExcelsior page and selecting the link for your exam.

Am I eligible to take a practice exam?

Enrolled and prospective students are eligible to register for practice examinations once they have registered and paid in full for the corresponding credit-bearing exam.

The practice exams for the following are available only to those students enrolled in the associate degree nursing program:

  • Essentials of Nursing Care: Health Differences
  • Essentials of Nursing Care: Chronicity
  • Essentials of Nursing Care: Reproductive Health
  • Health Differences Across the Life Span 1
  • Health Differences Across the Life Span 2
  • Health Differences Across the Life Span 3
Do you have to take the practice exam to get a good grade on the exam?

It is very helpful to take the practice exam as it gives you a better idea of what the test questions might be and how Excelsior College writes their questions. It also gives you an idea of where you need to focus your studying.

Does the practice exam accurately predict how you will do on the exam?

The Test Administration staff report that a score of 80% or better indicates that you are prepared to take the exam and be successful.

How much do the practice exams cost?
  • $25 for the practice exams available for the 2 hour credit-bearing exams
  • $75 for the practice exams available for the 3 hour credit-bearing exams
  • $35 for Research in Nursing practice exam

Registration is only available online, so you must use a major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover) to pay your practice exam fee.

May I print the practice exams, take notes on them, or share the questions and answers with others?

No. The practice exam questions are protected by copyright and may not be printed or disclosed in part or as a total examination.

When you register for your practice exam, you must agree to abide by the Excelsior College Academic Honesty and Electronic Use policies before completing your registration.

What happens after my 180-day eligibility expires?

You will have access to each practice exam and your results only during the 180-day period. After 180 days, the examination and the results you received will no longer be accessible. There are no refunds for practice exams. Extensions to the 180-day eligibility window for taking a practice exam are granted only when technical problems attributed to Excelsior College prohibited you from taking the practice exam or reviewing your results.

What is my user name and password for the practice exams?

You will use your MyExcelsior user name and password to access your practice exams.

Where can I get more information about the practice exams?

Visit the Excelsior College Practice Exams page where you can learn more about our practice exams.

Where do I register for practice exams?

Choose from practice exams in nursing, arts and sciences, business and education. Register for a practice exam.

Why should I consider taking a practice exam?

The practice exam gives you a sense of what the exam for credit will be like. Reasons for taking the practice exam include: sample questions used in the credit-bearing exam, honing your testing skills, practice testing in a timed environment, gain valuable feedback by reviewing the rationales for the practice test answers, gain confidence in taking exams via computer, and increasing your chances for a better grade.